The Quest for Harmony – David Cadman

March 19, 2015


Date:   March 19  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cost:   Free


The Filson Historical Society

Phone:   502.635.5083

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Professor David Cadman presents an illuminating look at His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ views on “harmony” and the essential truth that humankind is a “part of” and not “apart from” Nature.  Professor Cadman has worked closely with Prince Charles for many years and has co-edited the fascinating, recently published archive of The Prince’s writings: Speeches and Articles – 1968-2012.   From the Prince’s perspective, many of our world’s economic, social, environmental and health challenges have their roots in the imbalance between modern agriculture, industry and commerce and the limits of Nature. For over 40 years the Prince has worked to advocate economic and environmental sustainability, healthy communities and the restoration of balance in all we do.

David Cadman is an urban economist, forecaster and author whose work includes the impact on markets of social, economic and environmental sustainability.  He is currently a Visiting Professor at University College London and the University of Maryland.  Professor Cadman lives in Suffolk, England and comes to Kentucky as the guest of Louisville’s Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil.


The Library at Oxmoor Farm

720 Oxmoor Avenue Louisville, KY 40222